Pressure Washing

Remove the worst types of dirt, correctly and safely.


Cleaning with strength.

From sidewalks to walls, from storefronts to all types of building structures, sometimes the dirt and grime just doesn’t want to come off. That’s when you need Dedicated’s expert pressure washing.

Our pressure washing services leverage proven, safe, and eco-friendly techniques and products. Our highly trained employees know how to use pressure washing equipment to get your facilities sparkling clean without damaging any structures. For example, we use heated water treatments to remove stubborn elements such as oil, grease, tar, and gum. Alternatively, we can employ techniques with colder temperature water for more delicate surfaces such as brick, stucco, and plaster.

Pressure washing is a powerful strategy to remove the worst types of dirt. But, it requires specific experience and skills to be done correctly and safely.

Think About Our Sustainability Programs & Green Cleaning

We can minimize your environmental footprint, shepherd your cleaning program, and help you attain a coveted LEED Certification.

Call or email us today and let our pressure washing services take proper care of your facilities.